11 February 2012

In Jamion's Torpor*

To understand this next post you must understand that this is neither the beginning nor the end of my story. It is a part of something greater as most things are. You probably remember my post titled A Sneak Peak Courtesy of the Author, now titled Councils and Storms. This is another part of that story. This occurs after that post. The beginning of this post starts in the middle of the chapter I took it from. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. Pictures to be added.

A loud shrill caw sounded from above. All of the demons immediately stopped attacking, took a knee, and bowed their heads. Leah scooted back onto her feet and into the center of the circle where the rest of the group was standing ready to fight, they were prepared to die but not without a fight. The shriek sounded again sending them to their knees covering their ears. Not even that helped. Paul’s nose began to bleed from the sound.

Three cloaked demons flew in and landed standing around the humans and elf. They stood fifteen feet tall. Their black cloaks were hooded and went straight to the ground and appeared to disappear into the forest floor. Their cloaks were opened, but seemed empty, except for the head. It was human in shape with beady red eyes, but that was all one could tell.

The cloaked demons started speaking to the beastly looking demons. The language wasn’t native to Sebat. It was full of clicks and shrieks. And other sort of noises some even impossible to be made by a human. At the same time the cloaks lifted up revealing nothing, but air. Another loud shrill and the horned demons turned back and ran into the forest. The cloaks floated back to a standing position and turned inwards towards the team.

Paul, stood. “Who in bloody hell are ya?” He yelled raising his axe. One of the cloaked demons screamed sending Paul flying fifteen feet through the air before he landed on his head. He laid there unmoving, blood trickled from his brow.

Jamion stood next. “We mean you no harm.”

Was that laughing?

“Look just let us know what you want with us. If-”

A bony arm formed out of thin air. A finger the length of two of Jamion’s fingers, but half the width was put over his lips quieting him.

The three cloaks surrounded Jamion and closed him in it. It was dark, true dark. There was only black, just black and nothing else. Jamion looked up six beautiful green eyes looked down into his. The darkness turned to light, bright powerful white blinding light. The eyes lowered themselves. Three naked winged women stood around Jamion. Were they goddesses? They didn‘t have any reproductive organs he noticed, no nipples even. One had pink wings, another red, and the third had white.

The first one spoke, “Jamion. My name is Dalia. Your wife was named for me.”

The second. “I am Naomi. The statue in the City of the Sun was erected in my name. I remember watching as you stared in awe. I was flattered.” Her red wings flapped softly forward covering her breasts. Then back revealing herself again.

“I’m Miriam. A city in Marini was named for me and,” she crossed her arms in a whining manner, “the unfortunate wife of King Nord as well,” said the one with white wings.

“So you’re not demons. Or are you?”

“No,” said Dalia.

“Then why hurt Paul?”

“That was Naomi, she has a bit of a temper. He will be fine. I promise,” Dalia assured. 

“Well what are you.”

“Angels. Warrior angels. We’ve brought you here, because this war is affecting more than just Calaprinia, Nord, and Marini. Soon Dest will be involved. The country Rin and its people will form armies and march into Southern Marini. The entire elven realm will bear arms. The entire world will be at war Jamion. That is unless you can stop it.
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“It goes deeper as well. Those gods you called false in the dungeon are real. As real as your gods, our gods. I’ll have you know just denying them in our great lords names had them sending an army of demons our way.”

The white light surrounding Jamion started to form objects. A huge golden gate standing sixty feet high and eighty feet wide drew closer. An ivory wall went out in both directions as far as the eyes could see. The ground was made from smoothed diamond. A guard dressed in pure golden armor and crimson cloth opened the gate allowing the four in.

“Where are we? Is this- is this heaven?”

Miriam grabbed his hand and said, “Just wait until you can see it.”

“My eyes are open.”

Dalia grabbed his other hand and said, “Aye, but only the dead can see heaven. The ground a wall and a gate are not all our heavenly kingdom is made of.”

They took flight, at first it frightened Jamion. He was used to flying, but usually his trustworthy Frollin was under him or on the way to catch him. Naomi flew behind him; she reached forward grabbing an ankle. She could’ve easily flown to him but she acted as if she were climbing up his back stopping at his shoulders. “Over there is a garden, there are statues of the gods and even some lucky Calaprinian royalty, Valcian royalty, and Marinian royalty. And most Mackian Royalty.”

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“Mak is a country on the other side of Dest. It was once a grand empire, It stretched over the desert that is now Dest, the Jungle area you now call Rin, of course it covered the entire coastal region you call home, even the arctic tundra. Everyone called themselves Mackian,” Naomi explained.

They stopped and simultaneously took their hands from him. He floated.

Dalia grabbed him and pressed her lips to his, she disappeared. Miriam turned him around and kissed him as well, she also disappeared. Naomi grabbed him and kissed him, she vanished. He floated in thin air. The three angels came back and wrapped their wings around him.

When they brought their wings back they were standing on a blood soaked battlefield. As if time was in reverse here people started to stand. They were in the center of a battle that was going backwards. Jamion began to recognize the area. They were in Miriam City’s central park. The city was burning, streets were flooded with blood. Time stopped.

“Why are you showing this to me?”

Dalia pressed her body against Jamion’s. “This is what’s to come if you don’t stop Nord.”

“And what if I can’t stop him?”
Depiction of a battle
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“Then you must fight him when things escalate. This is just one of the battles we’ve foreseen.”

Miriam’s wings softly flapped as she walked. “It’s hard to tell though if they’ll all even happen. If only one will happen, but the one thing we know for sure is that this is avoidable, maybe.”

Those words confused Jamion.

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Jamion looked around the battle field. Demons of all different types were waving weapons around shouting war cries, winged demons were fighting with dragons. Armored angels in armor decended from the heavens wielding swords. He looked south towards the university. A small team dressed in Calaprinian uniform looked battle torn. A girl no older then thirteen was leading them.

Miriam continued. “Or heck,” she sighed, “maybe it’s not avoidable, but we, you have to try.”

“Daddy.” Jamion swore he heard his daughter’s voice. “So as soon as you wake up come see me.” Suddenly he missed his family.

Naomi walked up behind Jamion, she whispered into his ear, “Time to wake up.”

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