Victoria's Bio

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Victoria was born to Jamion and Dalia. She was given this name, because she was born on the day when the entire Makian church remembers the Goddess Victoria. She is the youngest of two children. Her father has been unwillingly absent for most of her life, once while at war and again while imprisoned. She met her father when she was two years old. That is when her mother Dalia reclaimed her the Calaprinian throne. Three short years later Calprinia was taken by surprise when Nord emprisoned Jamion shortly after Victoria's fifth birthday. This caused Calaprinia to fall to its enemies nearly over night. That was when the Elves of Ilwënómë opened their realm to the refugees of Calaprinia.

At a very young age Victoria began displaying incredible abilities in the art of magic. This often scared her mother and drew the attention of Tuk Thomle, the elven trainer of young mages. The five years Jamion spent in prison Victoria trained with Mr. Thomle. To everyone's surprise she quickly outgrew her peers in her skills. Mr. Thomle stopped educating the other children and tutored only Victoria once he was able to find a replacement at the school. Mr. Thomle trained Victoria mostly in the art of white magic. By age eight she was combining apples with oranges, her invention and favorite fruit. At age nine, just before her father's rescue she figured out how to cause a board to levitate and often used the board to get around. Mr. Thomle did not like this mode of transportation as he thought it was dangerous for the young prodigee.


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