07 February 2012

Assassin Part 2*

Author's notes: It's been a while since I've posted anyhting. I reread my first post title Assassin and decided to keep it going. So if you havent read that one yet you should read it before reading this. I also recommend rereading Assassin for those out there who have already read it. This will not be the final post in the Assassin series. I hope to have another posted by this time next week. Sorry I've been away so long. Hope you enjoy.

Assassin Part 2
Aiya, Sergio, and Scott stood around a terrain model of mud, dirt, and pebbles depicting the barracks compound. Using a stick Aiya drew a heart where she believed the Guard Captain’s quarters to be. She took a knee and began talking about the compound; she used her stick to point at areas of interest and to make an occasional ‘x’ where she suspected a heavy guard population to be located. Sergio interrupted his sister kicking the dirt map.
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“After what you just did this morning do you really think that attacking Captain Gray is a good idea?”

“I took out the Ra Priest for that very reason, brother.”

“I’m not following.”

Scott explained, “Remember last year when the contracts for the Ra Priests started surfacing?”

“Aye, I remember,” Sergio said running a hand through his shoulder length hair, “get to your point.”

“Nobody expected any mercenary that lives inside Hiarlym’s walls or even all of Mak to carry out those contracts. They’ve been considered swept under the rugs. And now that Aiya has taken one of the priests out the rest will be heavily guarded. On top of that we’re in the clear I’m sure the guards suspect a merc did this.”

“So you think this will leave the captain ill protected.”

“That was the plan.”

“Wait you knew about-”

“Shh.” Aiya cautioned as she stood grabbing a bow and an arrow. She pointed towards a large tree which partially concealed an entrance into a flooded grotto. The three at an arms distance away from each other. Scott cracked his knuckles then clenched his fists. Sergio dual wielded daggers. Aiya stood in the center, her left leg forward, her left hand carried the bow still at her side while her right held the nocked arrow in the bowstring which had still yet to be tautened.

“Show yourself!” Sergio commanded.

The guard that Aiya had pushed over the wall emerged from behind the tree. In each hand he wielded a crossbow. He pointed one at Sergio, the other at Scott. Immediately Aiya readied the bow pulling the bowstring back and aiming in on the guard.

“No, no, no,” the guard said. “Put that-”

“You don’t tell me what to do. You put those down now!” Aiya shouted scaring a bird from its nest.

“Kill him Aiya!” Scott shouted.

The three continued yelling demands at each other. Sergio stood silently. He waited for the opportune moment to strike. The guard stayed vigilant, not once did he look away from the three assassins.

“Shut up all of you!” Sergio’s call demanded silence, and so it was received. “We can work out some sort of a deal. I’ve seen you at the market with your wife. You have a daughter. She’s about three, right?”

“You leave my family out of this sell-sword.”

“He thinks us mercenaries, cousins,” Scott laughed.

“I can’t let you kill my captain. The only deal you’re getting out of me is to be taken in alive. Just walk right back to the gate and turn yourselves in.”

“To be tortured and hanged. I think not,” Sergio attempted to debate. “Look you might kill two of us, but you’d end up dead as well. Now picture this,” Sergio paused, “what’s your name?”

“Lieutenant Grolif,” He stated.

“You pull those triggers and end my life and my little cousin’s life my sister will end your life-”

“I can’t allow you to kill Captain Gray.”

“Don’t interrupt me again Grolif. After she’s killed you she’ll see to it that your wife is buried with you if they can even find you. Your daughter will be an orphan. The captain will end up dead regardless.”

“So what are proposing here?”

“Put the crossbows down Grolif.”

To Aiya’s surprise he complied by throwing the crossbows behind him.

“He’s seen our faces. He has to die.” Scott stated

“Please no, oh gods what did I just agree to?”

Aiya stepped closer to her target. “We’ll put you some where they can find you. We’ll make it look like you died a hero, so your daughter can be proud of you.”

Sergio lowered Aiya’s arms. “We’re bringing him with us.”

“We’re doing what?” Scott asked argumentatively.

“If anyone knows the inside of those barracks it’s him. And according to our source the captain leaves for his meeting with the Emissary from Dest tomorrow morning so we have to get this done tonight, lives are counting on it.”

“What’re you talking about? Have you not been receiving the news, we’re currently at war with Dest. Why would Gray be meeting with anybody from that country?” Grolif asked.

“Damn,” Aiya said, “Gray is one sneaky bastard. His lieutenants don’t even see what he’s up to. He’s getting paid off by a Dest Emissary to leak information from troop numbers to legion movements and even the dragon patrol routes. Next month he’ll be promoted to Legate and have even more information to give.”

“You guys are out of your damn minds. Gray is loyal to the king beyond any man I know. And dragons, those creatures haven’t been around in nearly a century.”

Scott wiped away the terrain map. “You are stupid, aren’t you? I’m nineteen and I know the stories of the riders are true. I’ve met Tulaq and Yufi. The dragons are back my blind friend.”

“Whatever, let’s get going.”

“I give the orders around here Grolif,” Sergio said. “We’ll show you the proof of treason when we get to our den.”

“How is there proof?”

“Believe it or not we know how to intercept letters, and eavesdrop,” Aiya said, “It’s what we’re trained to do.”

Back inside the walls the four entered the bakery and walked up the stairs. Scott opened the door to the Assassins’ den letting the other three in first. The room was a wide open space equipped with training equipment and couches for relaxing. A kitchen was on the far side of the room; a man and a pregnant woman prepared a large meal even though they were the only people in the den.

The woman walked towards Sergio, kissing him when she reached him. “I was worried sick about you.” She looked towards Aiya, “You too. You’re still just a baby to me. I remember changing your diapers when I was your age.”

“I know Teagan. You seem to remind me more and more the closer you get to shoving that baby out. But we’re still busy Teagan. Do you know where Sloan is?”

“She’s in her room sweetheart.”

“Show Grolif around will you and send for his family,” Sergio asked of Aiya. She replied with a nod.

“How young are you?” Grolif asked Aiya.

“I’ll be seventeen in five days.” Aiya grabbed Grolif by his hand.  “C’mon you have letters to see.”

They entered one of the many doors on the left side of the den. Five bunk beds and one single bed filled the room. A girl no older than ten years old sat on the single bed reading a book titled Victoria’s Realm, a book Grolif only read as required reading when he was in the military’s university. Her legs dangled inches away from the floor. The girl bookmarked the page before looking up.

“Who’s the guy Aiya?”

“Someone I almost killed Sloan. Do you have those letters nearby?”

“I wouldn’t keep them anywhere else. Which one do you want?”

“Any letter that proves Gray’s treason will do just fine.”

“Oh I intercepted this one just this morning. It should suffice. Will you give it to Sergio when you’re done with it? Make sure I get it back.”

“No problem Sloan.” Aiya skimmed the letter then handed it to Grolif.

“Sloan go and grab your brother for me. I have an errand for me.”

“Aww man, why can’t I do it? I’m just as good as he is at errands.”

“It won’t be any fun, trust me.”

“So it really is true. What I don’t understand though is why do a group of mercenaries care about this.”

“One: we’re not mercs, we’re assassins. Two: you already know way to much about us and if it were up to me you’d be dead so enough with the questions.”

“When do I get to see my family?”

“When Michael gets here I want you to tell him your address. He’ll run and get your wife and kid. You’ll be staying with us until Sergio comes up with a plan and we don’t want your wife going to your chain of command when you don’t come home tonight.”

“This room is where you’ll be staying. Sloan is the room officer so you’ll have to do as she says when in here, but keep in mind that you can feel free to spend time in the den. Welcome to your new home Grolif.” Aiya took the letter back and walked to where her brother and cousin were sitting.

“I’ve got some urgent news guys,” Aiya said as she handed the letter to Sergio.

“What is it?” Scott asked.

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